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I have many interests ranging from painting, embellishing clothing, sculpting, painting furniture, gardening and flower arranging.  I work in cycles sometimes for years and then I switch gears and work in one of my other loves.  Although my interests seem totally different I am able to transfer knowledge and skills over to each medium.  For an example, I paint on my clothing just as I would on canvas.  My color combinations work well in a garden design as well as with painted furniture or clothing. 

Automotive Fine Art
I created a niche market for automotive fine art.  I combine a photo-realistic approach to my oil paintings along with my desire to be an abstract artist.  Many of my paintings just show a portion of the grill and headlights of the vehicle.  I let the viewer's brain finish the rest of the painting.  I also paint flowers, landscapes and animals. 

Embellished jackets
I love wearing jackets and always finish off my outfits with a statement piece of jewelry by Cathleen McLain.  (Google Cathleen MaLain Jewelry and select images and you will get an idea of how special her pieces are)

I embellish jackets from my closet or purchase jackets at thrift shops on half price days.  I usually alter the jackets especially the sleeves.  Many times the jacket stays in my "stash" until I find the right design to make the jacket a piece of art work.  There are usually at least 5 jackets waiting in my stash for some sort of inspiration and love.  Most of my jackets take months to complete.

Sculpture is a new medium to me.  I ran into a great teacher last year and Shauna Shane took me on as a one-on-one student and she helped me construct a cement frog who is sitting on a spool of thread with his leg crossed and a welcoming extended hand that can hold a glass of wine.  Shauna and I formed a relationship to sculpt cement garden farm animals for the 2017 Hartford Flower Show.  It proved to be a great experience. 
Going forward, I am sculpting in a new medium that will be very abstract and have glass elements.  Wait for photos and updates of the new sculpture in the coming months.

Painted Furniture
I enjoy painting furniture in the style of MacKenzie Childs. (Google and select images)  It is one way I can put more color into my life.  The pieces I have painted have been around the house for years and could use a little spiffing up.  They include small tables and chairs. 


I hold degrees in Marketing and Finance with backgrounds in accounting and economics.  I have also studied landscape architecture.

I have volunteered to raise funds or volunteer time for many organizations in the Town of East Windsor and South Windsor. 
I raised $100,000 in one hundred days to match a $100,000 grant for an addition to the Warehouse Point Library. 
I helped raise over one million dollars over a 7 year period to build the Scout Hall Youth Center in East Windsor. 
I helped organize and volunteered for five years at the Gingerbread House Festival at the Wood Memorial Library in South Windsor.  We had over 8,000 visitors in 2017.
I am in the process of coordinating the opening of the Osborn House on the property of the East Windsor Historical Society. 

You can contact me by phone, 860-289-5085, or to email me.


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