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I have created a niche market for myself in automotive fine art.  I combine a photo-realistic approach to my oil paintings along with my desire to be an abstract painter.  Many of my paintings just show a portion of the grill and headlights of the vehicle.  I let the viewer’s brain finish the rest of the painting.  Painting chrome is achieved by painting the multi-colored reflections I see in the fenders and bumpers and is rarely chrome colored.  The cars appear to drive off my canvas with realism and bold color.  I have studied with a trompe l’oeil teacher extensively and its influence can be seen in the photo-realism in my paintings.  Because automotive painting is so demanding and it takes me 60 plus hours to complete my automotive paintings I usually have one or two other paintings on my easel at the same time which don’t require accuracy. 

I paint from my own photos and I am also on the look out for antique trucks and farm equipment that has begun to push up the daisies.  The trucks end their long lives as planters and, in effect, become a part of the landscape.  I really enjoy painting the rust on these old machines so that it looks like it is peeling off the truck. 

I am a member of the Academic Artists and The Tolland Country Artist Association.  I have exhibited extensively with one woman shows and group shows through out the area.

My strength lies in marketing and I give talks to groups on how to reproduce their art and how to get their work into the public sector.  I formed a “Visionary Women’s Networking” group for women artists and artisans.  We created our own event called “Gardens, Gallery & Gifts” to show case our work.

I formed a creative co-op that gives artists space to paint, bead, quilt, sewing, and knit.  In 2009 we were selected to do a Christmas installation for the New Britain Museum of American Art.  I not only paint, I design and sew my clothing, and work with fibers through felting. 

I have volunteered to raise funds for many organizations in the town of East Windsor.  I raised $100,000 in 100 days to match a $100,000 grant for a $750,000 library addition and helped raise one million dollars over a 7 year period for a local youth center. 

I hold degrees in Marketing and Finance with backgrounds in accounting and economics.  I have also studied landscape architecture. 

You can contact me by phone, 860-289-5085, or to email me.


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